How It All Started…

It all started in 2010 with a team that didn’t want to be separated at the beginning of spring tryouts. A group of families that enjoyed each others company and wanted to stay together.  Let’s start our own club! How hard could it be? 

What makes us different from other Travel Soccer Clubs

We believe that fundamental soccer skills and confidence is paramount to success in soccer. First touches. Technique. Nimbleness. Finesse. Winning will come once all of these are mastered.  

FC Providence is run by a small team of dedicated volunteer parents and supported by experienced and licensed coaches. The focus is to build a program that directly benefits the players by nurturing a love for soccer and a strong awareness of proper nutrition.  Our athletes are continuously guided on playing and training safety and sports endurance in order to improve their performance and avoid injury.

FCP is a 501(c)(3) non profit club serving the Collegeville, Royersford, Limerick, Boyertown, Methacton, Skippack and Phoenixville areas.  Our goal is to remain a small sized club in order to focus on each player. 

How we measure success

When you take away the ‘win at all costs’ mindset, real learning and discipline begins and each player’s flair is allowed to develop. Player development is monitored throughout the year with an annual Player Evaluation. This evaluation does not focus on the results of the fall or spring leagues or tournament wins. It focuses solely on the player’s individual progress and maps out a route to continuously improve.  Don’t misunderstand us, we love to win games and regularly do.  However, we take pride in producing skilled players who sometimes even go on to play at other clubs.